Camilla Skoglie: Developer of the Project + The RAAD Project Logo Prototype Designer + Lead Presenter holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oslo with a major in Comparative Religion. Having spent the past several years working as a freelance actress across various stages in New York City, she is now pursuing an MA in Liberal Studies at the Graduate Center, CUNY, with a concentration in Data Visualization. She is a member of the New Media Lab where she is developing her Capstone Project which analyses historical immigration to the US through language data from the US Census Bureau.

Carolyn A. McDonough: Digital Media Content Producer + The RAAD Project Site Editor + The RAAD Project Logo Designer + Omeka Set-up is a graduate student in the MA in Digital Humanities and the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Programs, and a graduate research assistant at the New Media Lab, CUNY. She holds her BA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Vassar College and her first MA in Media Studies from The New School. Carolyn has studied and researched at the University of Florence, Italy, and is the recipient of a post-grad Fellowship to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. In 2014, she received a scholarship from the Museum of Modern Art and Credly toward the online course CATALYSTS: Artists Creating with Sound, Video + Time for which she was awarded a first-ever round of digital badges from MoMA. In April 2019, Carolyn was awarded a merit scholarship from the National Association of Italian-American Women for her Italian cultural work and her academic work in Digital Humanities, with Matilda Cuomo, Margaret I. Cuomo, and the Italian Consul General in attendance.

Patricia Accarino: Project Manager + MQB Liaison has a BA in Art History and Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Arts Management.  After organizing a weekend-long Summer Arts Festival in upstate New York, she moved to France, where she studied Archaeology at the Sorbonne.  Upon returning to New York, she began working on software development projects (pre-“dot com” era) and later established a Technology Development Program for a major financial institution.  She then moved into recruiting IT and tech talent.  Patricia is currently an executive recruiter for Fashion, CPG, and Retail companies, where she’s worked on many digital marketing and e-commerce positions. Patricia has returned to academia at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and in the MA in Liberal Studies Program.  She is Project Manager for The RAAD Project, and has developed the database structure and data mapping for the project.

Pamela Jean Stemberg: Developer of the Database discovered Digital Humanities and  felt a connection to its ideas and values of cooperativeness, accessibility, experimental, and inclusiveness. Pam started her academic career at the City College of New York as a graduate student in the MFA program where she first taught World Literature and then composition. After graduating in 2014, she was also appointed at Hostos Community College and has taught at both colleges since. Before teaching, Pam worked as a news producer with the Italian National Broadcasting system.  Previous to producing news, Pam was a project manager and programmer. Her most memorable position was as a developer at Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown Research Center where she worked in David Kennedy’s research laboratory studying brain morphology. She has also published several short stories, memoir, and opinion pieces. For more information, her website is pjstemberg.com.